TenCon was designed and developed to provide Payroll Service Providers an affordable tool to confirm and reconcile cash transactions between your Nacha file and your banking institution. TenCon is a powerful and unique software which integrates with the features built into QuickBooks® programs to not only verify the Nacha information communicated to your bank posted accurately, but more importantly that there were no missing or additional transactions. TenCon increases efficiencies, alleviates potential manual entry errors, and provides an accurate reconciliation….in SECONDS!

Shouldn’t you have the TenCon confidence in your cash transactions?

3 Easy Steps!

  1. Import daily NACHA file using TenCon Reconciler
  2. Connect to Online Banking using your QuickBooks®
  3. Watch your Nacha file transactions reconcile to the bank…in SECONDS!!

What We Do

By directly integrating your raw, unedited Nacha file, TenCon Reconciler reads and imports the data from the Nacha file and correctly posts the intended cash transactions into your QuickBooks® data. QuickBooks® further confirms the validity of the data directly with your banking institution, giving you the confidence you need in your business.

TenCon also maintains the imported transactions in your QuickBooks® separately by Client, so at any time you can easily view the activity for a specific client with one-click. No more time consuming client impound reconciliations to do, TenCon does this in a matter of seconds.

TenCon does all of these amazing Nacha and Client reconciliation features, and continues to maintain your QuickBooks® accounting records accurately. There is no need to maintain your income and expense records separately, TenCon does it all!

The TenCon Difference

As a Payroll Service Bureau, you understand the impact of missing transactions, or omitted Nacha file transmissions. These simple omissions could cost you not only numerous hours to discover, they could cost you thousands in lost income or failed impounds. Most payroll service bureau software companies provide a built-in tool within their software to assist the SBO in reconciling transactions, either manually or the standard ‘check-the-box’ approach. These methods are not only time consuming, they leave the possibility for human error, and are most often completed AFTER THE MONTH HAS ENDED. This means you could potentially have errors that go undetected for WEEKS! With TenCon, your Nacha files are reconciled DAILY to the bank, potentially SAVING YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in time and ensuring the Nacha files have cleared the bank correctly…all this in a matter of SECONDS.

Can you afford not to use TenCon?

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